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However till our new site is fully operating I have added some information for members such as Council Minutes and Members Birthdays.

NB. The subscription for the 2015 / 2016 year due 01/07/2015 is 130.00.

PP Andy Cattanach with the assistance of PP Duncan McIntosh are hopefully creating a new site based on the RIBI Template and when this is done a temporary link to this can be accessed by clicking here. NEW SITE.

Meantime the original site is still on my computer and should any one require information regarding data on the old site such as, 

Current Calendar.

Runs and Rotas.

Council Minutes.

Council and Committee Lists.

List of Club Officers, Past & Present.

Members Directory.

2015 Members Birthdays.

Old Vocational Service Committee Minutes.

Old Community Service Committee Minutes.

Old International Service Committee Minutes.

AGM Minutes.

Assembly Minutes.

Full Year Possible Calendar.


Please contact me at either at brianch3@gmail.com

or by telephone at 01555 890127  and although the information will no longer have been updated I will try to help. 

May I also take this opportunity to thank all who have helped me keep the old Web Site running since I took it over from Ian Mackie in March 2007.

Brian M. Cole-Hamilton. Ex Web Master.


  to the

Rotary Club




Back Row.

Andy Cattanach, Bill McIntosh, John Lloyd, Brian Williams, Duncan McIntosh, Lex Colquhoun, Colin Stanfield,

David Paul, Charlie McEwen, John Leslie, David Wilson, Nigel Allon,

Front Row.

Jim Bolton, Ian Wilson, Jim Fitzpatrick, Brian Cole-Hamilton, David Dobson, George Alston, Phil Spence.

Above are 19 of the club's 30 members enjoying the sunshine in the car park of our meeting place, the Kings Park Hotel on 7th June 2007.

Back Row

President Ian Wilson, PP John Leslie PP Nigel Allon, PP Bill McIntosh, PP Bill Liggat,

Secretary Brian Williams, PP John Lloyd, PP Jim Quigley, PP Barry Toshner, John Woodley,

PP Donald MacLeod, PP David Paul, PP Stuart Kemp, PP Phil Spence, PP Duncan McIntosh.

Front Row.

PP George Alston, PP Jim Bolton, PP Brian Cole-Hamilton, PP Eddie Goldberg, Pat Paul,

PP Andy Cattanach.

Above is a photograph of the Club members taken on 14/04/2016

on the rare occasion of a 100% attendance.

(Only exception being our Honorary Member PP Colin Stanfield)

Rutherglen Rotary Club

(RI No. 20101 RIBI No. 517)

is part of

Rotary District 1230


Rotary International in Great Britan & Ireland.


Rotary International.


The Club is involved in most aspects of Rotary where service and fellowship apply and although membership is by invitation only, if you think you would like to join in the fellowship and fun we enjoy, please contact any member or click the contact link below and make your wishes known.

Visitors to our club will be made most welcome.

Meetings are held every Thursday in the Kings Park Hotel

Mill Street Rutherglen G73 2LX

at 5:45 for 6.00 p.m.


To see a map of this location click here

  If you would like to contact us, click "Here"

To see local news on STV Local, click this link.

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20/05/2016 Updated the Speakers List to the end of the Rotary Year.
15/05/2016 Updated Officers and Committees page for the 2016 / 2017 year
13/05/2016 Added Member's Birthdays 2016 and 2017 to Members Only Section.
13/05/2016 Added AGM Agenda and Minute to to Members Only Section.
13/05/2016 Added Assembly Agenda.
29/04/2016 Added report on Calderwood Primary's support for End Polio Campaign
29/04/2016 Added names to Club Photos.
27/04/2016 Added Minute of Club Community Service Committee 13/04/2016 to Members only Section.
18/04/2016 Put new photo of Club members on this page.
18/04/2016 Updated Calendar and put Minutes of Council 14/014/2016 in Members Only Section
03/04/2016 Added Obituary for PP Jim Fitzpatrick to News Page & Updated Calendar.
01/04/2016 Updated Club Calendar.
22/03/2016 Added to Club News page a Report on the March 2016 Fellowship Weekend.
17/03/2016 Added Minutes of Council 10/03/2016
09/03/2016 Added Minutes of Community Service Committee 16/02/2016
04/03/2016 Updated Club Council Details
01/02/2016 Added Speakers etc List and updated the Club Calendar.
27/01/2016 Updated Officers of the Club 2016 - 2017
26/01/2016 Updated Calendar and added Minutes of Council Meeting 21/01/2016 for members only.
21/01/2016 Added Minutes of Community Service Committee  Meeting 13/01/2016
04/01/2016 Updated Calendar.




I am trying to get this site running properly again but must stress that I only act as an editor not a reporter and am totally dependent on being provided with content for inclusion.

Would you all, and in particular Committee Chairs, please provide me with minutes of meetings and any other snippets of information such as dates of events so that I can include these, so that this site becomes a really relevant source of information both for members and others who may view it.


If you cannot remember the User Name and Password to enter the Members only section contact

  Brian Cole-Hamilton  the Web Master at 0141 583 7360


Rotary International President


2015 - 2016

K.R. "Ravi" Ravinddran (Colombo)


2016 - 2017

John Germ (Chattanooga)

RIBI President


2015 - 2016

Peter Davey


2016 - 2017

Eve Conway


District 1230  Governors


2014 - 2015

John Waddell (Eastwood)


2015 - 2016

Andy Lees (Mid Argyle) (Died 03/03/2016)

For the remainder of the year

John Waddell (Eastwood)








Presently there are 1.2 million Rotarians with 40 thousand in the UK





To members of the Rotary Club of Rutherglen.

This is YOUR site please let me have any suggestions for improvements

Particularly let me have updated information and tell me what you want included or excluded.

Brian Cole-Hamilton your Web Master.

0141 583 7360


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The Rotary name and logo are the exclusive property of Rotary International Copyright 2001 ' Rotary International in Britain & Ireland ' - All rights reserved.

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